Orchex® Agricultural Spray Oils

The Most Trusted Name in the Industry.

ORCHEX® Agricultural Spray Oils serve as a proven and remarkably safe weapon in combating a broad range of insects, diseases, and weeds that impact agricultural and crop production and profitability.

The ORCHEX® Advantage is a set of key benefits that provide optimally balanced pesticidal strength with extremely low phytotoxicity – meaning you get the protection you need without harming the environment or your bottom line.

The Orchex® Advantage:



High Paraffinicity
  • Modifies surface wax of leaf and insect, facilitating penetration of pesticide
  • Modifies respiration of insects and mites (hypoxia)

Optimal Molecular Weight

  • Modifies wax surface for better penetration by specific pesticide
  • Assures low phytotoxicity
  • Facilitates coverage of pests and penetration of insect tracheal systems (hypoxia)
Low Surface Tension
  • Excellent spreadability for efficient surface coverage (spreader)
  • Improves attachment of pesticide to insect cuticle and plant surfaces (sticker)
Low Volatility
  • Minimizes drift and controls droplet size in aerial applications
  • Adheres well to leaf surfaces
Low Water Solubility
  • Resists rain wash-off (rainfast)
  • Low aquatic toxicity
  • Extends availability of water-soluble pesticides by slowing rate of penetration into leaf
  • Does not promote resistant insect strains
  • Causes irreversible insect tissue and cellular changes
  • Low in toxicity, biodegrades to harmless components

Count on the most trusted name in the industry. Count on the The ORCHEX® Advantage.

Available in a number of grades and formulations, ORCHEX® products cover an extremely wide range of crop applications and deliver unparalleled insect control, weed control, and disease protection.